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Our new Planmeca Experience video series gives a voice to our users. Dental Hygienist Jonas Englund from Helsinki has been using the Planmeca Sovereign® Classic dental unit for a few years now – hear about his experience in this new video!

Planmeca Experience – Jonas Englund >>

Jonas Englund

Perfect balance and reach for instruments

The instrument console of all Planmeca dental units features ergonomic balanced instrument arms. The console can be equipped with up to five or six instruments, depending on the unit model. Except for the syringe, all other slots are interchangeable and can be equipped with any instrument from Planmeca’s extensive selection.

Read our new brochure on
the balanced instrument arms >>

Balanced instrument arms

Adjustable headrests

Fully adjustable headrests

Planmeca dental units offer incredible comfort for patients of all sizes. Our headrests are fully adjustable and help to provide a calm treatment experience. Choose the cushion and colour of your liking and discover the unmatched comfort of Planmeca!

Learn more from our new headrest brochure >>

Planmeca Creo Kirill Kostin Ubeatable panoramic adjustment tools

Planmeca M1nute
– 3D printing with Planmeca Creo™

Watch our new video >>

Planmeca Romexis® Smile Design user experiences –
Dr. Kostin from PerfectSmile

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Unbeatable panoramic adjustment tools

Learn more about our extensive adjustment options >>

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