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Solve the challenge of movement artefacts with Planmeca CALM™

We launched Planmeca CALM™ (Correction Algorithm for Latent Movement) at IDS 2017 in Cologne, Germany. Planmeca is the first company in the dental industry to introduce motion artefact correction to end users. With this new algorithm, patient movement during CBCT acquisition is no longer a reason for retakes. Planmeca CALM will not only save time for clinicians but also guard patients from unnecessary exposures.

The algorithm works with all volume and voxel sizes. Using it will add only 30–60 seconds to the overall reconstruction time. Planmeca CALM can be applied after an image has been captured, but it can also be selected preventively before exposures. This ensures that volumes are automatically corrected already before they are accessed in the Planmeca Romexis® software.

Planmeca CALM is now available as an update for all Planmeca ProMax® 3D units. Ask your dealer about upgrading!


Planmeca CALM

Planmeca ProSensor HD – even greater than the sum of its parts

The Planmeca ProSensor HD intraoral sensor is small, but conceals a great deal of intricate technology. Its 10 carefully designed layers ensure the best combination of durability and image quality available on the market today. Take a closer look!

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The secret to successful panoramic X-ray images

Capturing a first-rate panoramic radiograph does not need to be difficult. To succeed, you can follow a few simple steps as well as communicate with your patient. After all, image acquisition is always a collaboration between the X-ray unit, user and patient.

It obviously also helps if the unit is easy to use or even forgiving when it comes to patient positioning. One of the advantages in taking panoramic exposures with a Planmeca ProMax® 3D unit is that its advanced SmartPan™ sensor captures nine panoramic layers in one go.

The nine layers are 2 mm apart – creating a large focal trough. To make things even easier, you have the option to use the panoramic autofocus tool for both Planmeca ProMax® 2D and 3D units.

To help you make panoramic acquisitions a routine, we have created a quick guide and a list of common panoramic positioning errors.

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Planmeca Olo gives your back the best position Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy Planmeca Romexis® 3D Ortho Studio

Planmeca Olo™ – the best position for your back

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Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy – seamless implant workflow

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Orthodontic planning with roots and bone surface


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