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Dr. Kirill Kostin

Free webinar: New digital tools in aesthetic dentistry

Join our free CE webinar with Dr. Kirill Kostin on new digital tools in aesthetic dentistry on July 11. Sign up now on Planmeca Campus!

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Are you a Planmeca FIT user? Join a professional group started by Dr. Kirill Kostin for sharing cases and best practices. Great lively discussions from around the world!

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Sign up for NIDE’s popular advanced CAD/CAM courses

Expand your expertise with NIDE’s liked advanced CAD/CAM courses in Helsinki. NIDE offers two great advanced CAD/CAM courses: Implants from plan to scan and Aesthetic restorations with CAD/CAM. Both of these courses are on the first week of September, so you can easily join one or both of them. The course lecturers are both from the United States, and the course language is English.

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Advanced CAD/CAM

Surgical guide

How to design surgical guides in Planmeca Romexis®

Take a look at this video by Dr. Walter Renne from Medical University of South Carolina to see how you can create your own implant guides with Planmeca Romexis software. On the video Dr. Renne first designs and 3D prints the implant guide and then the guide is used in an actual surgery.

You can also hear Dr. Renne on NIDE’s CAD/CAM courses in the fall!

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Join our  Planmeca Romexis Smile Design webinars Planmeca ProSensor HD Chilean clinic

Join our Planmeca Romexis Smile Design webinars

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Planmeca ProSensor HD – even greater than the sum of its parts


Planmeca dental units improving performance at Chilean clinic

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