Unbeatable panoramic adjustment tools

All Planmeca X-ray units are known for their great usability and high image quality. For optimal images in all situations, the Planmeca Romexis® software also offers several efficient tools for image adjustment and enhancement.

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Child-friendly imaging

It is important to avoid excessive doses when caring for all patients, but low dose imaging should be paid particular attention to when imaging younger patients. They are more radiosensitive and physically quite simply smaller than adults – using exposure settings designed for adults may result in unnecessary patient dose levels.

Child mode

Planmeca ProMax 3D units

Planmeca ProMax 2D units

Planmeca ProOne

Planmeca ProX

Planmeca ProSensor HD

Child size sensor

The availability of pediatric imaging capabilities combined with the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol ensure that children do not need to be exposed to excessive patient doses – making the Planmeca imaging ecosystem safe for all patients.

The art of artefact removal

The two most common artefacts that may occur in CBCT imaging are motion artefacts and beam hardening artefacts. Both weaken the diagnostic value of X-ray images. Fortunately there are ways to avoid these types of artefacts from occurring.

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Quick guides available in Planmeca material bank

Go to the Material bank and select Manuals >> Dental units from the menu to choose your dental unit model and preferred language.

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Milling blocks for all Planmeca PlanMill® units

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Enhanced features for smile designing

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