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New Planmeca ProMax® software update
Discover the latest features!

We believe in keeping our products fresh and always providing our users with the best possible tools for their work. We have once again listened to your feedback and added new sought after features to our Planmeca ProMax® product family.

The unit interface sports an improved look, but its feel is even better as we have further streamlined the workflow. As an example, you now have the option to control your X-ray unit directly from the imaging workstation. At some clinics this could save time for clinicians and patients alike.

The patient's name now appears on the unit's screen, making handling patient data even more reliable. In accordance with the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, we have also added numerous new segmenting options to cephalometric imaging. These include paediatric imaging as we are committed to offering paediatric imaging options in all our imaging products.

Get ready to get even more out of your Planmeca ProMax 2D or 3D unit with its latest software update!

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Planmeca ProMax 3D FAQ
All-in-one units for all imaging needs

From unit differences and upgradeability options to maintenance and quality assurance guidelines – take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Planmeca ProMax 3D units.

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Flexible imaging with Planmeca ProX™
Reduce unnecessary patient exposures

Planmeca ProX

Intraoral sensors are not round, so why should X-ray beams be? Reduce the size of the beam to fit the Planmeca ProSensor® HD intraoral sensor by using a rectangular cone with the Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit or by adding a rectangular collimator to a round cone.

By collimating the extra radiation away from the round beam you can guarantee that the ALARA principle is truly followed and that your patient's dose is as low as possible.

Improve radiation hygiene at your clinic image by image!

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Multi-light mode for Planmeca SingLED CAD/CAM for labs Planmeca Romexis 4.5

Multi-light mode for Planmeca SingLED®

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Learn about our CAD/CAM solution for labs

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New and improved Planmeca Romexis® 4.5

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